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Books but with a difference.

We like our books to rhyme, we also think it is important to have a good time. But if we can capture the attention of a child, if they can love and cherish one of our books, then we don't think that opportunity should be squandered. Our goal is to pass on an important message at the same time. We publish fun, colourful, rhyming books like many others but we strive to instil messages about kindness, empathy, consideration, friendships and even the planet and protecting our oceans.

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We make all of our operations as sustainable as possible, we package with 100% compostable or biodegradable packaging even down to the stickers or tape we use. 

We also like to donate a portion of our sales from each book to a relevant charity or organisation, we are working on deals with various charities and organisations, our current best seller 'Michael Says Recycle' publicly supports and donates to the ocean conservation charity Sea Shepherd. Click on their logo above to find out more about their operations.

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