The year is 2369, Earth is on the brink of collapse. The planet is overcrowded, oppressive population numbers have caused a scarcity of living space and resources, putting the planet on the verge of destruction. But the discovery of a powerful new mineral breathes new life in the world.


In Earth’s darkest hour an elite space Academy shines bright, with one goal, colonising Mars in order to preserve the human race. Miners battle at the depths of the oceans to retrieve the ore whilst the rest of the world lives in districts, under the rule of the authorities, working just to survive, waiting for the promise of a new world.


Young Bryant Fisher has dreamt of joining the Academy his whole life, with just one thing standing in his way, a seemingly impossible entrance exam.

Desperate to realise his dreams of Mars instead of being trapped in a nightmare on Earth. Giving up all he holds dear along the way, Bryant risks it all in search of a dream come true.




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